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Danke an alle, die am Weihnachtsmarkt in Glarus vorbeigeschaut haben. Ginnungagap wünscht euch frohe Festtage und einen kreativen Start ins 2016!

photos © jacqueline jost


Weihnachtsmarkt im Kunsthaus Glarus

Im Kunsthaus Glarus findet diesen Sonntag ein etwas anderer Weihnachtsmarkt mit Kunst, Kunsthandwerk und Design statt.

Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch und wünschen frohe Festtage!

20. Dezember 2015, 11 – 17 Uhr
Kunsthaus Glarus, Im Volksgarten, 8750 Glarus


Nonsense Zine

Finally, Ginnungagap is back. Second release of 2015 is actually a reprint. It's not exactly a limited edition, but chances are that I will be tired of hand painting them at some point.

Order it via Webshop, or come buy it in person at Volumes Independent Publishing Fair 2015 in Zurich.


Finally, Ginnungagap is back. Sorry for the lack of Updates.

The Rabbit On The Back Of An Elephant – Travel Sketches
was released in October and people who came to my last solo exhibition have already seen it :) Now it's also available in the Webshop, and you can buy it in person at Volumes Independent Publishing Fair 2015 in Zurich.


Preview: The Rabbit On The Back Of An Elephant | Rina Jost
Release: Autumn 2015

Little booklet containing a selection of my b/w travel sketches from Moscow to Shanghai. These travel sketches (made on location) were also the source of inspiration for my first comic book. Since they are not longer part of the book, I thought they deserve their own small presentation.


Small Press Heaven Fumetto 2015

First weekend is over, but we are there again next weekend. Visit us and Fumetto:

Sa. 14. März, 10.00 – 20.00 Uhr
So. 15. März, 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr

There is plenty to see. Lots of fanzines, screenprints and limited editions from all over Europe, don't miss! (I've been shopping myself, as you can see <3)


Happy New Year everybody :) I know, I'm late (though a bit early
for chinese new year) but I just realized that I never posted previews
of the lovely postcard set Sarah Gasser made for Ginnungagap.

I've been working on a book project for a year now, and there will be updates soon and probably an exclusive print run for Ginnungagap, so stay tuned! Some work in progress on my personal tumblr or my website.

Take care!


Worldwide free shipping for orders placed until December 25th -->online store


Danke an alle, die vorbeigekommen sind! (Volumes 2014, Perla-Mode)
Am 13./14. Dez findet ihr eine Mikro-Specialedition der neuen Ginnungagap-Postkarten am Carte Unique Postkartenmarkt in Zug.


Today! Volumes Independent Publishing Fair, Perla-Mode, Zürich.


Yay! New Postcard set by Sarah Gasser finally printed!


Adventskalender in Arbeit, exklusiv erhältlich und solange Vorrat reicht an der Volumes Independent Publishing Fair am 29.11. Perla-Mode, Brauerstrasse 37, Zürich


Meeting with the wonderful Sarah Gasser to brainstorm ideas for her upcoming Ginnungagap postcard series. I'm thrilled!


It's been a while – due to some other projects and, you know, life. So here's the news:

1) Ginnungagap will be at Volumes 2014 Independent Publishing Fair. Visit us: Saturday 29th of November (12am till 9pm), Perla-Mode, Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland.

2) Sarah Gasser is working on a new postcard series for Ginnungagap (!)

3) Last but not least, Ginnungagap publications are finally part of Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek NB. Neat.

More news coming soon. Thanks for staying tuned.

07.06.14 – Roberta Review

By The Illustrated Forest (click image)

They also reviewed Warten auf den Sommer and Das Spiel. Thank you!

Roberta auf Reisen – Frankreich

Ombres Blanches, 50 rue Gambetta, Toulouse
Librairie des Abattoirs, 76 allée Charles de Fitte, Toulouse
Centre Culturel Suisse, 32-38 rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris
Galerie Lavignes-Bastille, 27 rue de Charonne, Paris
Le Monte–En–L'air, 71 rue de Ménilmontant / 2 rue de la Mare, Paris

10.12.2013 – New Online Store


Ginnungagap booklets will also be present here:

Zürich small press fair, 14. Dez
Coldpressed, Zürich, 14./15. Dez
Cash&Carry Weihnachtsmarkt, Luzern, 14.–23.Dez


Vernissage ROBERTA – Zweisprachige Ausgabe | Édition bilingue
13. Dezember, Café I.O, Türkenstrasse 60, München

coming soon: Publication by Camille Perrochet (illustration) and Miléne Gandolfi (text)

Sneak a peek: Ming Sin Ho is illustrating a text by Peter Blegvad


Work in progress shots by Camille Perrochet (more coming soon):


Due to personal travelling this Website is not getting updated. But be assured, Camille Perrochet and Ming Sin Ho are not lazy in the meantime. Have a look at their work in progress on the Ginnnungagap Facebook Page


More work in progress shots by Camille Perrochet. Also, Ming Sin Ho (icon), great illustrator from Rotterdam, Netherlands will soon start working on a new Ginnungagap booklet. Text provided by fabulous Peter Blegvad.


Next publication in the making: Illustrator Camille Perrochet shares first mind maps.

Camille is a Swiss based illustrator, currently living in Munich, who has a lot of experience with hand printing techniques. Her publication The Man with the Big General Notions (Text: Robert Lax | published by SJW) will be shown at Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations 2013.

For Ginnungagap she works with a text provided by Milène Gandolfi. It will be Ginnungagaps first bi-lingual publication.


Silkscreen poster "Herr Wahnsinn", Edition 25
Artwork by Claudia Jordi


Stay tuned. We will print our first silkscreen poster soon.
Artwork by Claudia Jordi


Das Fumetto war mal wieder grossartig! Speziellen Dank ans Ampelmagazin und an kuš fürs Foto.

Ginnungagap gibts nun auch in München, und zwar im Kunst–&Textwerk (Lesecafé/Buchhandlung), Ligsalzstr. 13.

Auch im young designers market, Luzern kann man die Ginnungagap-Publikationen nun kaufen.


GINNUNGAGAP wird mit Täxtzit am LUZERN BUCHT Literaturfest sein. Am 9. und 10. März in der Kornschütte.

Ebenfalls am Small Press Heaven vom Fumetto. Im Neubad am 16./17. und 23./24. März. Mit Ampelmagazin, zweikommasieben und 2linkehände.

Photos of the Book Launch are online (--> Events). Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who bought a booklet. Special thanks to Sara Glatthard for the location and the good company and to David Ben Graf for the reading.


Wir freuen uns, mit euch auf die zweite Veröffentlichung
von Ginnungagap anzustossen

Warten auf den Sommer
von Lea Büchl

13.02.2013, 18:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Café–Bar LOKAL
Pfistergasse 24, 6003 Luzern

Mit einer Lesung von David Ben Graf

Event auf FB


Ginnungagap wishes a Happy New Year and looks forward to 2013. Next publication is planned for February and is already
in the making. Not an easy process, as the illustration below shows clearly (credits: candytiger). Stay tuned



Der Kleinverlag Ginnungagap präsentiert seine Erstpublikation:
"Das Spiel" | Text Lukas Maisel, Illustration Rina Jost

Vernissage am 21. November
Zollhaus Luzern, 19:00 – 22:00 Uhr

Lesungen von Lukas Maisel, Julia Sutter, Heinz Helle [Literaturinstitut Biel]
Musik von Books On Shelves – Solo
Speis und Trank und "Das Spiel" zum Kaufen

Mit Unterstützung vom Kulturbüro Luzern und Zollhaus Luzern

Event auf FB

First release of the young independent publisher Ginnungagap
"Das Spiel" by Rina Jost and Lukas Maisel
Lectures, Concert, Bookrelease
21. Nov 19:00 Zollhaus Luzern